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This paper describes a fast software implementation of the elliptic curve version of DSA, as speciied in draft standard documents ANSI X9.62 and IEEE P1363. We did the implementations for the elds GF(2 n), using a standard basis, and GF(p). We discuss various design decisions that have to be made for the operations in the underlying eld and the operations(More)
We present a software implementation of arithmetic operations in a nite eld GF(2 n), based on an alternative representation of the eld elements. An important application is in elliptic curve crypto-systems. Whereas previously reported implementations of elliptic curve cryptosystems use a standard basis or an optimal normal basis to perform eld operations,(More)
The demands of secured electronic transactions are increasing rapidly. Prime Field Elliptic curve cryptosystems (PFECC) are becoming most popular because of the reduced number of key bits required in comparison to other cryptosystems. PFECC is emerging as an attractive alternative to traditional public-key cryptosystems. PFECC offers equivalent security(More)
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