Erik Dahlgren

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Nowadays, positioning technologies are used in a wide variety of areas such as providing driving directions and tracking valuable goods to name a few. Since the introduction of the global positioning system(GPS), it has become a de facto standard for outdoor positioning applications. In contrast to this, no similar widespread technique is available for(More)
The Supply Chain Management game presents a challenging manufacturing scenario where agents compete for customer demand and supplies needed to produce the demanded products. The entry of North Carolina State University, PackaTAC, is a relatively simple agent that plays a conservative, low-risk strategy. Its aim is to never bid on more orders than it can(More)
We propose a cyber-physical platform that combines road traffic simulation, network simulation, and physically simulated vehicles to facilitate extensive testing on various levels of vehicular systems. Our design integrates physical and digital vehicle simulation into a common development and testing environment. This paper describes the platform design and(More)
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