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Consequentialism, Distribution and Desert
This paper criticizes the ‘justice-adjusted’ consequentialist theory recently put forward by Fred Feldman. I argue that this theory violates two crucial requirements. Another theory, proposed by
Mere Addition and Two Trilemmas of Population Ethics
  • Erik Carlson
  • Philosophy
    Economics and Philosophy
  • 1 October 1998
A principal aim of the branch of ethics called ‘population theory’ or ‘population ethics’ is to find a plausible welfarist axiology, capable of comparing total outcomes with respect to value. This
Broome's Argument against Value Incomparability
John Broome has argued that alleged cases of value incomparability are really examples of vagueness in the betterness relation. The main premiss of his argument is ‘the collapsing principle’. I argue
Consequentialism, Alternatives, and Actualism
Contribution au debat sur l'utilitarisme, en general, et sur le consequentialisme, en particulier, concernant la notion d'alternative et de resultat. Etablissant les criteres formels de
Incompatibilism and the Transfer of Power Necessity
The last quarter-century has witnessed a revival of the thesis that human freedom and determinism are incompatible. A number of philosophers have presented arguments for incompatibilism, and an
Causal Accounts of Harming
Deliberation, Foreknowledge, and Morality as a Guide to Action
In Section 1, I rehearse some arguments for the claim that morality should be ``action-guiding', and try to state the conditions under which a moral theory is in fact action-guiding. I conclude that
Higher values and non-Archimedean additivity
Many philosophers have claimed that extensive or additive measurement is incompatible with the existence of "higher values", any amount of which is better than any amount of some other value. In this
Dynamic Inconsistency and Performable Plans
It is argued that this debate on how to avoid dynamic inconsistency in action plans is misconceived and can be reformulated, but that such a reformulation must rely on certain implausible claims.