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Coastal sand dunes have a well-established abiotic gradient from beach to land and a corresponding spatial gradient of plant species representing succession in time. Here, we relate the distribution of plant-feeding nematodes with dominant plant species in the field to host specialization and impacts on plant species under controlled greenhouse conditions.(More)
The ability to gather information can affect outcomes in auctions and other games of incomplete information. We investigate situations where agents have a choice about which information, or signals, to observe, and are informed about the signal choices of others. Our models cover common-value games where agents decide whether to coordinate on observed(More)
Plant damage inflicted by aboveground herbivores can occur at different stages of plant development and can induce plant responses that affect the growth of belowground herbivores. This study explores impacts of aboveground herbivory at different plant development stages on the population dynamics of root-feeding nematodes. We simulated aboveground(More)
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