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The ability to gather information can affect outcomes in auctions and other games of incomplete information. We investigate situations where agents have a choice about which information, or signals, to observe, and are informed about the signal choices of others. Our models cover common-value games where agents decide whether to coordinate on observed(More)
Enemy release of exotic plants from soil pathogens has been tested by examining plant-soil feedback effects in repetitive growth cycles. However, positive soil feedback may also be due to enhanced benefit from the local arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF). Few studies actually have tested pathogen effects, and none of them did so in arid savannas. In the(More)
The pldA gene of Escherichia coli encodes an outer membrane phospholipase A. A strain carrying the most commonly used mutant pldA allele appeared to express a correctly assembled PldA protein in the outer membrane. Nucleotide sequence analysis revealed that the only difference between the wild type and the mutant is the replacement of the serine residue in(More)
Coastal sand dunes have a well-established abiotic gradient from beach to land and a corresponding spatial gradient of plant species representing succession in time. Here, we relate the distribution of plant-feeding nematodes with dominant plant species in the field to host specialization and impacts on plant species under controlled greenhouse conditions.(More)
In the present study a two step enzyme immuno assay (EIA) was used for the investigation of the adsorption of proteins and lipoproteins from solutions and from blood plasma onto polymer surfaces. It was found that only a small adsorption of the major blood proteins occurred from plasma. Evidence is presented that the reason for this adsorption behaviour is(More)
The first enzyme immunoassay for Salmonella was reported in 1977 and since that time several enzyme-linked immuno assays (ELISAs) have been developed, using either polyclonal or monoclonal antibodies that will detect most Salmonella serotypes. Two of these kits have been declared official first status by the Association of Official Analytical Chemists(More)
We have demonstrated a scanned beam deflection technique, and applied this technique to imaging the free stream of a dc arcjet plasma plume. An acousto-optic deflector sweeps a HeNe beam transverse to the jet flow direction. A transform lens and split photodiode measure angular beam deflections produced by refractive index gradients in the arcjet plume.(More)
Several recent authors have advocated for financial markets to move from continuous clearing to discrete or batched clearing, as a way to defeat the latency arms race: the never-ending quest for small advantages in time to access markets. How frequently should such a modern batch auction clear? We conduct a systematic simulation-based investigation on the(More)
Plant damage inflicted by aboveground herbivores can occur at different stages of plant development and can induce plant responses that affect the growth of belowground herbivores. This study explores impacts of aboveground herbivory at different plant development stages on the population dynamics of root-feeding nematodes. We simulated aboveground(More)
Pellethane 2363 80A catheters were modified with poly(ethylene oxide) in order to improve their blood compatibility. Contact angle measurements showed that Pellethane 2363 80A surfaces had increased wettability after this modification. The results of in vitro blood compatibility tests showed that surface modification with poly(ethylene oxide) resulted in a(More)