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Signal handling has been an integral part of UNIX systems since the earliest implementation in the 1970s. Nowadays, we find signals in all common flavors of UNIX systems, including BSD, Linux, Solaris, Android, and Mac OS. While each flavor handles signals in slightly different ways, the implementations are very similar. In this paper, we show that signal(More)
Memory deduplication, a well-known technique to reduce the memory footprint across virtual machines, is now also a default-on feature inside the Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 operating systems. Deduplication maps multiple identical copies of a physical page onto a single shared copy with copy-on-write semantics. As a result, a write to such a shared page(More)
We introduce Flip Feng Shui (FFS), a new exploitation vector which allows an attacker to induce bit flips over arbitrary physical memory in a fully controlled way. FFS relies on hardware bugs to induce bit flips over memory and on the ability to surgically control the physical memory layout to corrupt attacker-targeted data anywhere in the software stack.(More)
Introduction to a behavioral approach for continuous-time systems. Abstracts Wetenschappelijke publicaties On the solution of an integral equation arising in potential problems for circular and elliptic disks. A reachability test for systems over polynomial rings using Gröbner bases. Nonlinear disturbance decoupling and linearization: a partial(More)
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