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Mobile Inte rnet is growing aro und the world, bypassing t he po or legacy of wired infrastructure. This growth can be o bserved even in developing count ries like Thailand. To cope with this tre nd, this study attempt s to prov ide guidance to a national regulatory agency (NRA) by addre ssing the following question: What are the key determinant factors for(More)
This paper reflects upon the future of mobile communications systems in the EU, addressing a number of mobile technologies , and their respective implications for European growth and competitiveness. This paper starts with an overview of the immediate challenges faced by the mobile communications scene and looks at a number of issues likely to shape its(More)
This paper reviews the literature on digital divide and e-readiness in different fields with an eye to identifying trends and gaps in prominent research areas. In this study, 411 articles, conference papers, master's and doctoral dissertations, textbooks, and working papers on digital divide and e-readiness are classified and elaborated and their results(More)