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This paper reflects upon the future of mobile communications systems in the EU, addressing a number of mobile technologies, and their respective implications for European growth and competitiveness. This paper starts with an overview of the immediate challenges faced by the mobile communications scene and looks at a number of issues likely to shape its(More)
This article reports the findings of a study for the European Commission to forecast demand for mobile communications services up to 2020. The study used a socio-economic approach including scenarios to explore the future and an original methodology for estimating traffic volumes under different socio-economic conditions. This article describes the(More)
This study addresses the factors driving multiple mobile phone subscriptions by consumers in the Swedish market. The generalised Poisson model (GPR) is applied to count data obtained from two national annual surveys. The results show that business subscription and household size are consistently the main predictors of the multiple mobile phone(More)
This study provides an analysis to explain the emergence of quasi-subscribers - mobile phone subscribers with multiple subscriptions - and discusses its impact on the demand saturation for mobile phone subscription in Sweden. Using a logistic growth model and nonlinear regression based on observations from the year 2002 to 2009, the study estimates that the(More)