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This paper reflects upon the future of mobile communications systems in the EU, addressing a number of mobile technologies , and their respective implications for European growth and competitiveness. This paper starts with an overview of the immediate challenges faced by the mobile communications scene and looks at a number of issues likely to shape its(More)
Besides 3G, a number of alternative wireless technologies (AWTs) have emerged. Such AWTs create new growth opportunities, but may also constitute a disruptive threat to existing networks and their supporting communities. The objectives of this paper are firstly to map AWTs' deployment and current trends, drivers and bottlenecks in Europe; and secondly to(More)
Note: This paper is based upon contributions by the respective authors from the EC/JRC/IPTS/ESTO project " The future of mobile technologies in EU: assessing 4G developments ". For more information on EC/JRC/IPTS/ESTO and the forthcoming official report, see www.jrc.es. Special acknowledgements for criticism and comments on earlier drafts are to the other(More)