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In mitochondria, DNA replication, gene expression, and RNA degradation machineries coexist within a common nondelimited space, raising the question of how functional compartmentalization of gene expression is achieved. Here, we discuss the recently characterized "mitochondrial RNA granules," mitochondrial subdomains with an emerging role in the regulation(More)
Introduction: The Radiation Assessment Detector (RAD) will detect and analyze the most hazardous energetic particle radiation on the surface of Mars as a key element of the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) mission. Fully characterizing and understanding the radiation environment on the Martian surface is fundamental to quantitatively assessing the habitability(More)
  • E Böhm
  • 1983
The fine-structural analysis of injuries and injury-related damages of the arteries in the head and neck region, such as vital endothelial injuries resulting from death by hanging, is of considerable importance in legal medicine, as it involves numerous forensic problems. The problems and difficulties of vessel preparation, including the occurrence of(More)
  • E Böhm
  • 1982
A technique is described for the preparation of combined morphological analyses of the arteries in the neck region: In situ fixation after opening of thorax and head and perfusion with electrolyte solution. Expansion of the vessel wall during the fixation by means of an especially elaborated experimental procedure. Presentation of a basic preparation for(More)
  • E Böhm
  • 1978
In extension of earlier Scanning Electron Microscopical findings on local vital reaction, we initially tried conventional microscopic histology. By standard staining methods--generally used in demonstrating fibrins (Ladew IG, PTAH, PAS etc.) fresh fibrinous mashing was hardly demonstrable. Tryptophan reaction as per Adams brought positive results. By(More)