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Changes in the conceptualisation of higher education have led to instructional methods that embrace technology as a teaching medium. These changes have led to the flipped classroom phenomenon - where content is delivered outside class, through media such as video and podcast, and engagement with the content, through problem-solving and/or group work, occurs(More)
The e-Connect And Learn (eCAL) programme is a Trinidad and Tobago government-led initiative, launched in 2010, that grants personal laptop computers to students entering secondary school. The purpose of this paper is to provide a snapshot of how students are using these government-issued personal laptops 3 years after the programme’s launch. This paper(More)
Introduction The significance of the student voice has grown in recent years such that student perspectives are now considered valid insights into the teaching and learning experience (Cook-Sather, 2006). Universities typically collect such information through a student evaluation questionnaire (SEQ). SEQs are an important means of assessing courses and(More)
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