Erik Birgersson

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During expiration, the carbon dioxide (CO2) levels inside the dead space of a filtering facepiece respirator (FFR) increase significantly above the ambient concentration. To reduce the CO2 concentration inside the dead space, we attach an active lightweight venting system (AVS) comprising a one-way valve, a blower and a battery in a housing to a FFR. The(More)
A steady-state isothermal model is presented for the electrochemical reduction of CO 2 to CO in a microfluidic flow cell. The full cell model integrates the transport of charge, mass, and momentum with electrochemistry for both the cathode and anode. Polarization curves obtained from experiments conducted at different flow rates with varying applied cell(More)
This thesis deals with modelling of two types of fuel cells, namely the direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) and proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC). One-phase models, comprising conservation of mass, momentum and species, are derived and analysed for the anode of the DMFC and the cathode of the PEMFC. The impact of hydrodynamic, electrochemical and(More)
This computational study investigates the sensing and actuating behavior of a pH-sensitive hydrogel-based microfluidic flow controller. This hydrogel-based flow controller has inherent advantage in its unique stimuli-sensitive properties, removing the need for an external power supply. The predicted swelling behavior the hydrogel is validated with(More)
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