Erik Augustson

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Recent research in the area of stimulus equivalence suggests that transfer of function via members of stimulus equivalence classes may have relevance to human emotional responding and the development and generalization of certain psychological disorders. This study investigated the transfer of avoidance evoking functions through equivalence classes. Eight(More)
Two studies investigated the transfer of respondent elicitation through equivalence classes. In Experiment 1, match-to-sample procedures were used to teach 8 subjects two four-member equivalence classes. One member of one class was then paired with electric shock, and one member of the other class was presented without shock. All remaining stimuli were then(More)
The existence of "hardcore" smokers, those most likely to have substantial difficulty quitting, may have far reaching impact on how to best allocate cessation resources. It has been suggested that hardcore smokers make up only a small fraction of current smokers and therefore do not represent a significant public health problem. However, little is known(More)
OBJECTIVES We investigated variables associated with quitting behaviors among current, daily, and nondaily young adult smokers in the United States. METHODS Data from the national 2003 Tobacco Use Special Cessation Supplement to the Current Population Survey were analyzed to identify factors associated with quit attempts and serious intention to quit(More)
Research has shown that current smokers have a lower mean body mass index (BMI) than never and former smokers, with former smokers having the highest mean BMI. A number of physiological mechanisms have been hypothesized to explain this pattern, but few studies have explored the possible role of behavioral factors. Using data from the cross-sectional(More)
BACKGROUND Demand for online information and help exceeds most other forms of self-help. Web-assisted tobacco interventions (WATIs) offer a potentially low-cost way to reach millions of smokers who wish to quit smoking and to test various forms of online assistance for use/utilization and user satisfaction. OBJECTIVES Our primary aim was to determine the(More)
OBJECTIVE Considerable research indicates that both high levels of anxiety and female sex are associated with increased sensitivity to experimental pain and greater experience of clinical pain. In general, however, previous research has not investigated the joint effects of sex and anxiety on pain responses. A single previous laboratory-based study(More)
OBJECTIVE To conduct analyses to determine the extent to which YouTube videos posted specific to smoking cessation were actually about quitting smoking and if so, whether or not they portrayed evidence-based practices (EBPs). METHODS In August 2008, researchers identified YouTube videos by search strategies, 'relevance' and 'view count' using the(More)
Scientists are taking advantage of the Internet and collaborative web technology to accelerate discovery in a massively connected, participative environment--a phenomenon referred to by some as Science 2.0. As a new way of doing science, this phenomenon has the potential to push science forward in a more efficient manner than was previously possible. The(More)
BACKGROUND Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) continue to be a growing topic among social media users, especially on Twitter. The ability to analyze conversations about e-cigarettes in real-time can provide important insight into trends in the public's knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs surrounding e-cigarettes, and subsequently guide public health(More)