Erik Andries

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In this paper the multi-dimensional random walk models governed by distributed fractional order differential equations and multi-term fractional order differential equations are constructed. The scaling limits of these random walks to a diffusion process in the sense of distributions is proved. Simulations based upon multi-term fractional order differential(More)
Tikhonov regularization (TR) is a general method that can be used to form a multivariate calibration model and numerous variants of it exist, including ridge regression (RR). This paper reports on the unique flexibility of TR to form a model using full wavelengths (RR), individually selected wavelengths, or multiple bands of selected wavelengths. Of these(More)
Linear discrimination, from the point of view of numerical linear algebra, can be treated as solving an ill-posed system of linear equations. In order to generate a solution that is robust in the presence of noise, these problems require regularization. Here, we examine the ill-posedness involved in the linear discrimination of cancer gene expression data(More)
Information about subscriptions and ASH membership may be found online at:. Abstract To determine if gene expression profiling could improve risk classification and outcome prediction in older AML patients, expression profiles were obtained in pre-treatment leukemic samples from 170 patients whose median age was 65 years. Unsupervised clustering methods(More)
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