Erik A Hoy

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The school-based behavioural adjustment at 7-8 years of a cohort of 243 prematurely born, very low birthweight (< 1501 g) children and their normal birthweight controls is reported. The findings indicate that the children born preterm (both male and female) were rated by their teachers as expressing more behaviour problems than their controls, and were less(More)
Whether very-low birthweight (VLBW less than or equal to 1500 gm) children differ from normal birthweight (NBW greater than 2500 gm) children with respect to social (as opposed to intellectual) competence has been a relatively neglected issue. The social competence at school age of 183 VLBW children was therefore compared with that of 183 NBW children born(More)
In view of the paucity of detailed follow-up studies on hyperactive children, the performance of 15 adolescents diagnosed hyperactive 5 years previously was compared to that of a control group of equivalent age, sex, intelligence, and social class. Eleven cognitive tests measuring sustained attention, visual-motor and motor skills, abstraction, and reading(More)
To keep Recent Bioacoustic Publications up to date, please send the compiler information on new (and earlier) publications that you want included in future lists. (2006). Female preference for complex/novel signals in a spider. (2005). Seismic signals are crucial for male mating success in a visual specialist jumping spider (Araneae: Salticidae). (2006).(More)
The channels, styles, and successfulness of communication used by retarded children when teaching a simple board game to a listener of similar or dissimilar age and ability to themselves were investigated. Forty children, half of high level and half of low level (means MAs=6.6 and 3.7 years, mean CAs-15.5 and 11.2 years, respectively) instructed a naive(More)
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