Erico Przeybilovicz

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The aim of this paper is to suggest alternatives for positioning the Brazil in international eGov research. We conducted a review of the literature, examining both Brazilian and international publications. We analyzed the domain of collaboration in the field through a social network analysis of authors, institutions and countries. Our study identified the(More)
In this paper, we identify the essential organizational characteristics of local government that are crucial for smart urban governance. To do, we conducted a systematic review of 96 articles on this theme. Through a qualitative analysis of these articles, we identified three main characteristics. The first is that governance is related to the nature of the(More)
This study aims to identify how the field of studies of electronic government is structured in Brazil. For this purpose, a bibliometric and sociometric study was conducted, analyzing 124 articles published in the proceedings of conferences and in Brazilian journals from 2007 to 2012. The main elements of the analysis were the volume of publications per(More)
This study aims to identify the profile of the municipalities of Paraná State, Brazil, concerning the use and infrastructure of information and communications technology (ICT). For this purpose, a quantitative study was conducted using multivariate data analysis techniques. The data are secondary and were obtained through a Municipal Basic Information(More)
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