Ericka D Dorsey

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BACKGROUND Altered Na+ channel expression, enhanced excitability, and spontaneous activity occur in nerve-injury and inflammatory models of pathological pain, through poorly understood mechanisms. The cytokine GRO/KC (growth related oncogene; CXCL1) shows strong, rapid upregulation in dorsal root ganglion in both nerve injury and inflammatory models.(More)
A reverse-phase high-performance liquid chromatographic assay for chlorobutanol was developed and found suitable for the routine analysis of ophthalmic ointments and aqueous solutions. The method utilized a column packed with 10-microns octadecylsilane with a mobile phase of methanol-water (50:50). Peak detection was by UV absorption at 210 nm. In this(More)
A normal-phase high-performance liquid chromatographic separation for pilocarpine and isopilocarpine was developed which is suitable for the routine analysis of ophthalmic preparations. The method utilizes a column packed with 5-micron silica with a mobile phase of hexane-2% ammonium hydroxide in 2-propanol (70:30). Peak detection is by UV at 220 nm. It is(More)
An improved analytical method was developed that simultaneously quantitates pilocarpine and isopilocarpine in the presence of each other and pilocarpic acid. Pilocarpine and isopilocarpine are first separated from any pilocarpic acid present in the sample by eluting with water-washed chloroform through a column packed with acid-washed diatomaceous earth.(More)
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