Erick Valencia

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OBJECTIVE We investigated the effect of glutamine supplementation on plasma glutamine (Gln), glutamate (Glu), and whole-blood glutathione (GSH) concentrations in human volunteers. METHODS Subjects first adapted to a standard diet with known intakes of protein, total GSH, cysteine, methionine, and total Glu (Glu values include Glu and Gln) for 3 d. Plasma(More)
OBJECTIVES Physiologic rhythms of antioxidants have been the subject of considerable interest in recent years. Physiologically, it is known that 24-h variability in whole-blood glutathione (GSH) could depend on various factors, such as meal composition, protein dietary content, meal-related hormonal modifications, and stress. Experiments were conducted to(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW Critically ill patients are hypermetabolic and have increased nutrient requirements. Although it is assumed that nutritional support is beneficial in this group of patients there are no well designed clinical trials to test this hypothesis. The rationale for nutritional support, therefore, is based upon clinical judgement. Although it is(More)
New nutraceutical products for nutritional support and antioxidant therapy such as glutathione require practical advice and information on the indications, methods and routes of administration, dosing (therapeutic drug monitoring), stability and physicochemical compatibility. This review is based on recent clinical and experimental publications in which(More)
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