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The inner mitochondrial membranes from bovine heart, rat liver, and Morris hepatoma 7777 all bound the mitochondrial isozymes of aspartate aminotransferase and malate dehydrogenase with comparable affinities and binding ratios (mg of enzyme bound per mg of membrane protein). A low molecular weight fraction separated from a detergent extract of the heart(More)
This study reports morphological and functional alterations observed in respiring isolated mitochondria when they are exposed to nonpenetrating, positive electrostatically charged synthetic undecagold clusters. Modification of the undecagold clusters positive charges change or prevent the functional effects and the binding to the outside surface of the(More)
Bone deficiencies in the jaws of edentulous patients limit the possibility of successful placement and osseointegration of endosseous implants. Bone resorption is defined as a vertical and horizontal loss of quality and quantity in the residual bone ridges; lack of bone structure requires bone grafting procedures to enable implant placement and to improve(More)
In oral rehabilitation, crown-to-root ratio is accepted as an indicator of bone loss, and this concept was transferred to implants. Recent studies have indicated that there is no significant difference between short and standard implants. The aim of this study was to compare marginal bone-level alteration through radiographic evaluation and clinical(More)
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