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OBJECTIVES To determine the prevalence of coeliac disease in an Australian rural community. DESIGN Retrospective analysis of stored serum samples from 3,011 random subjects from the Busselton Health Study. IgA antiendomysial antibodies (AEA) were detected by indirect immunofluorescence, and subjects testing positive were contacted and offered small-bowel(More)
An epithelial line was established from an explant culture derived from human colon mucosa exhibiting a normal phenotype by taking advantage of two differences in in vitro cell behavior of mixed cell (epithelial-fibroblast) monolayer [rate of adherence to a plastic surface from a suspension and toxicity to collagenase (25 U/ml medium) in the culture(More)
Self-assembly of block-copolymers provides a route to the fabrication of small (size, <50 nm) and dense (pitch, <100 nm) features with an accuracy that approaches even the demanding specifications for nanomanufacturing set by the semiconductor industry. A key requirement for practical applications, however, is a rapid, high-resolution method for patterning(More)
This review gives an overview of techniques used for high-resolution jet printing that rely on electrohydrodynamically induced flows. Such methods enable the direct, additive patterning of materials with a resolution that can extend below 100 nm to provide unique opportunities not only in scientific studies but also in a range of applications that includes(More)
We demonstrate the enhancement of a liquid-based homogenous fluorescence assay using the resonant electric fields from a photonic crystal (PC) surface. Because evanescent fields are confined to the liquid volume nearest to the photonic crystal, we developed a simple approach for integrating a PC fabricated on a silicon substrate within a fluid channel with(More)
This paper reports the use of advanced forms of electrohydrodynamic jet (e-jet) printing for creating micro- and nanoscale patterns of proteins on various surfaces ranging from flat silica substrates to structured plasmonic crystals, suitable for micro/nanoarray analysis and other applications in both fluorescent and plasmonic detection modes. The(More)
Fundamental understanding of the self-assembly of domains in block copolymers (BCPs) and capabilities in control of these processes are important for their use as nanoscale templates in various applications. This paper focuses on the self-assembly of spin-cast and printed poly(styrene-block-methyl methacrylate) BCPs on patterned surface wetting layers(More)
As the pathogenesis in cystic fibrosis (CF) has been considered to lie in a disturbance in the behavior of secretions, particularly mucins, from exocrine glands, it has been proposed that an alteration in surface topography (form, number or distribution of microvilli or blebs) of epithelial cells lining ducts could impair distribution leading to retention(More)