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BACKGROUND Clefts of the lip (CL), the palate (CP), or both (CLP) are the most common orofacial congenital malformations found among live births, accounting for 65% of all head and neck anomalies. The frequency and pattern of orofacial clefts in different parts of the world and among different human groups varies widely. Generally, populations of Asian or(More)
BACKGROUND The use of cadavers in human anatomy teaching requires adequate number of anatomy instructors who can provide close supervision of the students. Most medical schools are facing challenges of lack of trained individuals to teach anatomy. Innovative techniques are therefore needed to impart adequate and relevant anatomical knowledge and skills.(More)
Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) may exist with other cardiovascular anomalies, which must be considered at the time of diagnosis. We report a rare co-existence of PDA and a variant of aortic arch branching pattern in a 12-year old Tanzanian female patient during surgery to close a PDA. In this case, the 'left brachiocephalic trunk' was seen to arise from the(More)
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