Erick Martínez

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Motivated by the problem of automated Web service composition (WSC), in this paper, we present some empirical evidence to validate the effectiveness of using knowledge-based planning techniques for solving WSC problems. In our experiments we utilize the PKS (Planning with Knowledge and Sensing) planning system which is derived from a generalization of(More)
BACKGROUND Dermatophytes are the main causative agent of all onychomycosis, but genus Microsporum is infrequent and the risk of acquiring the infection is often associated with exposure to risk factors. OBJECTIVES To describe clinical characteristics of onychomycosis due to Microsporum onychomycosis in an urban population. METHODS This was a(More)
We propose a social coherence-based model and simulation framework to study the dynamics of multi-agent organizations. This model rests on the notion of social commitment to represent all the agents’ explicit inter-dependencies including roles and organizational structures. A local coherentist approach is used that, along with a sanction policy, ensures(More)
Marrubium vulgare is used in Mexican traditional medicine for the treatment of diabetes mellitus. The hypoglycemic effects produced by the acute administration of various ethanolic extracts (root, leaf and stem) from M. vulgare (REE) on normoglycemic rats were investigated. Both extracts (root and stem) resulted in significant reductions of glycemia in(More)
Tinea faciei, is a facial superficial mycosis. The most frequent etiological agents are Microsporum canis, Trichophyton rubrum and T. tonsurans. We report a 40 year-old woman, with an eight days history of an erythematous plaque on her superior right eyelid. Hyphae and dermatophytoma were easily visualized in KOH examination, and Microsporum gypseum was(More)
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