Erick Lavoie

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Learning good representations from a large set of unlabeled data is a particularly challenging task. Recent work (see Bengio (2009) for a review) shows that training deep architectures is a good way to extract such representations, by extracting and disentangling gradually higher-level factors of variation characterizing the input distribution. In this(More)
From its modest beginnings as a tool to validate forms, JavaScript is now an industrial-strength language used to power online applications such as spreadsheets, IDEs, image editors and even 3D games. Since all modern web browsers support JavaScript, it provides a medium that is both easy to distribute for developers and easy to access for users. This paper(More)
JavaScript is one of the most widely used dynamic languages. The performance of existing JavaScript VMs, however, is lower than that of VMs for static languages. There is a need for a research VM to easily explore new implementation approaches. This paper presents the Tachyon JavaScript VM which was designed to be flexible and to allow experimenting with(More)
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