Erick Alvarez

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[reaction: see text] A new route toward puupehenone-related bioactive metabolites from (-)-sclareol, based on the palladium(II)-mediated diastereoselective cyclization of a drimenylphenol, is described. Utilizing this, the first enantiospecific synthesis of the antitumor and antimalarial (-)-15-oxopuupehenol, together with improved syntheses of(More)
interaction network analysis 2 ABSTRACT Ticks are important vectors of emerging zoonotic diseases. While adults of many tick species parasitize mammals, immature ticks are often found on wild birds. In the tropics, difficulties in species-level identification of immature ticks hinder studies of tick ecology and tick-borne disease transmission, including any(More)
Introduction Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) is an enveloped positive single-stranded RNA virus, member of family arteriviridae, which is included into order nidovirales (2). The viral genome is a linear polyadenylated RNA of 15 kb encoding eight open reading frames (ORFs) (4). The first two ORFs (ORF1a and ORF1b) encode proteins(More)
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