Erich T. H. Leung

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In this paper, we place the integral image-based approach for multi-scale feature construction, popularized by Viola and Jones, into a common framework of understanding. The integral image within this framework represents space variant image filtering with the zero-order B-spline. Given this framework, we propose efficiently computable higher-order B-spline(More)
This paper presents a wavelet-based framework for enhancing the coherent structures attributable to the target organ in cardiac magnetic resonance (MR) images. Previous approaches focus on the Rician nature of noise in magnitude MR images. Image noise is but only one of the confounding factors that obscure the anatomical structures of the target organ. This(More)
As the impact of modern computer systems on every day life increases, human-computer interaction (HCI) has become more and more important in our daily lives. In fact, as the computing, communication, and display technologies progress, the existing HCI techniques, such as mice and keyboards, limit the speed and naturalness of our interaction and may become a(More)
Previous work from our laboratory using sucrose gradient centrifugation and the antagonist radioligand [3H]xanthine amine congener led us to propose that A1 adenosine receptors are coupled to a GTP-binding protein (G protein) in the absence of an agonist and that adenosine receptor antagonists bind to free uncoupled receptors with high affinity and coupled(More)
A1 adenosine receptors in bovine cerebral cortex have been solubilized and subjected to sedimentation analysis using sucrose density gradient centrifugation. Because the receptors bound both agonists and antagonists with high affinity after solubilization, receptors labeled with an agonist or an antagonist radioligand could be studied before solubilization,(More)
We have determined whether the process of agonist-mediated phosphorylation of the muscarinic receptor correlates with the process of muscarinic receptor desensitization in chick cardiac tissue. Exposure of ventricular slices to the agonist carbachol under conditions previously shown to lead to large increases in muscarinic receptor phosphorylation (Kwatra,(More)
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