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An experiment was carried out to estimate the effect of sound feedback on the work of a plant operator. Eight students of computer science operated a process simulation program of an assembly line with computer numeric controlled (CNC) robots. Relevant information of disturbances and machine breakdowns was given only in a visual (test condition 1), and in(More)
CubETH is a project to evaluate and demonstrate possibilities of low-cost GNSS receivers on a nano-satellite by following the Cubesat standard. The development of this new Swiss cubesat mission is underway at the Swiss Polytechnical Schools, launch is planned for 2016. Scientific goal are: precise orbit determination and estimate of satellite attitude based(More)
Two experiments were carried out to estimate the effect of sound feedback: (1) operating an assembly line simulator (Experiment-A with sound feedback of hidden events), and (2) queries in database search (Experiment-B with sound feedback of the search result quality). Experiment-A: Relevant information of hidden events (e.g., disturbances and machine break(More)
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