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Erythromycin derivatives having lost the cladinose moiety, erythralosamine and its mono- and diacetate, are strong inducers of liver cytochrome P-450, better than troleandomycin, in rats. The major cytochrome P-450 form induced by all these macrolides is electrophoretically and immunologically indistinguishable from the major form induced in rats by(More)
The effects of a new macrolide antibiotic (Roxithromycin) and one of its major metabolite (RU 39001) on rat hepatic drug metabolizing enzymes were compared to those of erythromycin, erythralosamine and troleandomycin (TAO) both in vitro and in vivo. In contrast to erythromycin, erythralosamine and TAO, roxithromycin and its metabolite RU 39001 exhibit: (i)(More)
Macrolide antibiotics like Erythromycin and Tri-acetyl oleandomycin (TAO) are metabolized to nitrosoderivatives which cause inactivation of Cytochrome P-450 by forming stable complex with the Iron of the hemoporphyrin. Several derivatives of erythromycin having lost their cladinose moiety are stronger inducer of liver cytochrome P-450 itself. The major form(More)
Rats have been treated with several derivatives of the erythromycin, erythralosamine or oleandomycin series, in order to compare their ability to induce cytochrome P-450 and to form stable 456 nm-absorbing cytochrome P-450 metabolite complexes. The data obtained confirm that the cytochromes P-450 induced in rats by various macrolides are similar to that(More)
With reference to a communication ofW. Mörikofer (Exper.5, 86 [1949]) concerning some remarks on our own communication about the relation between U.V. light and spasmophilic convulsions (Exper.4, 279 [1948]) we point out that:— (1) Our estimations concern not only the radiation of the sun, asMörikofer erroneously assumes, but also the radiation of the sky.(More)
1. Previous studies have shown that the macrolide antibiotics, such as oleandomycin and erythromycin, enhance their own transformation into a stable metabolite-cytochrome P-450 complex, thus impairing monooxygenase activity. This cytochrome P-450 induced by macrolides is similar to the major form induced in rats by pregnenolone-16 alpha-carbonitrile (PCN)(More)
Analysis of 100 families with at last one affected offspring seems conclusive for the assumption that favism is an inherited condition and that the responsible gene is a recessive one. The penetrance of the gene seems to be high and the expression stronger in males.
Ein Zusammenhang zwischen meteorologischen Faktoren und Spasmophilie gilt bisher als nicht bewiesen. Die Verfasser haben diese Frage neu aufgegriffen und dabei folgendes gefunden: Tage, an denen Tetanieanfälle auftreten (33 Fälle), unterscheiden sich von beliebigen andern Tagen dadurch, daß sie auf eine durchschnittlich viermal größere Sonnenstrahlungsdauer(More)
Frammenti di cute di due soggetti affetti da glicogenosi tipo II e dei loro genitori e fratelli sono stati coltivati in vitro. Sia nelle culture dei pazienti che dei loro familiari si è osservata la presenza di materiale metacromatico dopo colorazione con blu di toluidina 0. Nei leucociti di tutti i familiari esaminati l'attività della α-1,4-glucosidasi è(More)