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We translate statecharts into PROMELA, the input language of the SPIN verification system, using extended hierarchical automata as an intermediate format We discuss two possible frameworks for this translation, leading to either sequential or parallel code. We show that in this context the sequential code can be verified more efficiently than the parallel(More)
We formalize the rigorous but informal description of the semantics of statecharts given by Harel and Naamad in [3] which corresponds to the semantics underlying the commercial tool STATEMATE. We closely follow [3] to increase confidence that our semantics actually corresponds to their informal description. In [3] the semantics is given by a detailed(More)
Over the years, the complexity of space missions has dramatically increased with more of the critical aspects of a spacecraft’s design being implemented in software. With the added functionality and performance required by the software to meet system requirements, the robustness of the software must be upheld. Traditional software validation methods of(More)
Statecharts are a very rich graphical speciication formalism supported by the commercial tool Statemate. Statecharts comprises powerful concepts such as interlevel transitions, multiple-source/multiple-target transitions, priority amongst transitions and simultaneous execution of maximal non-connicting sets of transitions. Every add-on tool which is(More)
1 .O Introduction The HiVy toolset provides model checking for statecharts ([SFUG]). This is achieved by translating statechart specifications into the input language of the Spin model checker ([Ho197]). The HiVy toolbox transforms output of the commercial tool Stateflow@ provided by The Mathworks. HiVy can also be used independently from Stateflow. An(More)
Harel proposes the graphical language statecharts [Har87] for specifying behavior of reactive systems. Statecharts extend Mealy machines by parallelism and hierarchy. The communication mechanism in statecharts is instantaneous broadcast and the concurrency model is maximal parallelism. Statecharts has been supported by the commercial Statemate tool for(More)
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