Erich Marschner

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In March 1980, the US Department of Defense (DoD) launched the Very High Speed Integrated Circuits program to advance the state of the art in highspeed integrated circuit technology, specifically for defense systems. In 1981 the Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA) arranged a workshop to define the requirements for such a standard. The DoD used the final(More)
VHDL is a critical language for RTL design and is a major component of the $200+ million RTL simulation market1. Many users prefer to use VHDL for RTL design as the language continues to provide desired characteristics in design safety, flexibility and maintainability2. While VHDL has provided significant value for digital designers since 1987, it has had(More)
Assumptions: • The SVA semantics is understood to be from SVA 3.1, revised to include neutral semantics and to fix errata. The SVA neutral semantics is understood to be generalized to empty words, with the only change being that w, b |= sva initial assert property Q iff if |w| > 0 and ¯ w 0 = b, then w |= sva Q [Comments? Is this what people expect?] • PSL(More)
The VHSIC hardware description language (VHDL) is now an IEEE standard (VHDL 1076). The original language (VHDL 7.2) has been refined by the IEEE, and the resulting language has broader capabilities than originally anticipated. The features and capabilities of VHDL and the refinements made by the IEEE over the original language are discussed. Examples of(More)
Integrated circuit design logic can be conceptually split into multiple types of partitions for inter-domain analysis. For example, a modern design typically has a power domain partition, a clock domain partition, and a reset domain partition. Historically, inter-domain analysis is confined to logic verification across boundaries of the same domain types(More)
New England is bracing for a snowstorm that could bring as much as two feet of snow in the next day or two. By the time you read this, we'll know a) whether the forecasters were correct and b) how well we hardy New Englanders were able to cope. I often joke that I'm going to encourage my children to be meteorologists because that's the one job where,(More)
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