Erich Lanka

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We have constructed a RP4 KorB overproducing strain and purified the protein to near homogeneity. KorB is a DNA binding protein recognizing defined palindromic 13-bp sequences (TTTAGCSGCTAAA). Inverted sequence repetitions of this type, designated OB, are present on RP4 12 times. OB-sequences are localized in replication and maintenance regions as well as(More)
KorA is a global repressor in RP4 which regulates cooperatively the expression of plasmid genes whose products are involved in replication, conjugative transfer and stable inheritance. The structure of KorA bound to an 18-bp DNA duplex that contains the symmetric operator sequence and incorporates 5-bromo-deoxyuridine nucleosides has been determined by(More)
Yersinia enterocolitica 29930 (biotype 1A; O : 7,8), the producing strain of the phage-tail-like bacteriocin enterocoliticin, possesses a plasmid-encoded conjugative type IV transfer system. The genes of the conjugative system were found by screening of a cosmid library constructed from total DNA of strain 29930. The cosmid Cos100 consists of the vector(More)
A DNA primase encoded by an IncI alpha plasmid promotes efficient DNA replication in a primase-defective mutant of Escherichia coli. This finding implies that the plasmid enzyme can prime discontinuous DNA synthesis of the bacterial chromosome. The plasmid gene encodes two large, antigenically related proteins which differ from E. coli primase.
Temperate bacteriophages possess a molecular switch, which regulates the lytic and lysogenic growth. The genomes of the temperate telomere phages N15, PY54 and ɸKO2 harbor a primary immunity region (immB) comprising genes for the prophage repressor, the lytic repressor and a putative antiterminator. The roles of these products are thought to be similar to(More)