Erich Königsberger

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Estimates of the concentrations and identity of the predominant complexes of iron with the low-molecular-mass ligands in vivo are important to improve current understanding of the metabolism of this trace element. These estimates require a knowledge of the stability of the iron-citrate complexes. Previous studies on the equilibrium properties of the(More)
Calcium renal lithiasis formation depends on the balance between thermodynamic (supersaturation) and kinetic (inhibitors, nucleants)factors. In this paper, the importance of both groups was evaluated using(a) the complete urine analysis data obtained from 32 healthy volunteers and 141 active stone-formers, and (b) a comprehensive computer model to calculate(More)
Thermodynamic data are a key resource in the search for new relationships between properties of chemical systems that constitutes the basis of the scientific discovery process. In addition, thermodynamic information is critical for development and improvement of all chemical process technologies. Historically, peer-reviewed journals are the major source of(More)
The JESS software package, which is a widely-used tool for modelling chemical speciation in complex aqueous environments, has been extended to allow comprehensive predictions of physicochemical properties for strong electrolytes in aqueous solution. Another large database, this time of physicochemical property data, has been added to the JESS suite, along(More)
The titanyl equilibria in strongly acidic solutions related to the hydrometallurgical production of titania have been investigated in the presence of inorganic ions (ClO(4)(-), NO(3)(-), Cl(-), SO(4)(2-), Fe(2+) and Fe(3+)) using spectroscopic (UV-Vis and EPR) methods. UV-Vis experiments showed no interaction or ion pairing effect in the acidic titanyl(More)
Ion association in concentrated aqueous solutions of titanyl sulfate in sulfuric acid has been investigated at 25 degrees C by Raman spectroscopy under conditions like those used in the preparation of titania nanoparticles. Systematic variation of titanyl (M), sulfate (L), and hydrogen ion concentrations and a detailed quantitative analysis of the spectra(More)
Protonation constants for the biologically-important thioamino acids cysteine (CSH), penicillamine (PSH) and glutathione (GSH), and the formation constants of their complexes with Cu(I), have been measured at 25 °C and an ionic strength of 1.00 mol dm(-3) (Na)Cl using glass electrode potentiometry. The first successful characterisation of binary Cu(I)-CSH(More)
Raman (and a few additional FT-IR) spectroscopic measurements of sodium and potassium carbonate and hydrogencarbonate in aqueous solution have been carried out over wide concentration ranges at room temperature and at elevated temperatures. The bands of the CO3(2-)(aq) and HCO3(-)(aq) species, which possess pseudo D3h and C1 symmetry respectively, have been(More)
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