Erich E. Gabbe

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Mutation analysis was performed for two HFE mutations (C282Y, H63D) in unrelated patients with hereditary haemochromatosis (n = 92), family members of patients (n = 34), and unrelated controls (n = 157) from Northern Germany, 87/92 patients (94.6%) revealed the C282Y mutation in homozygous form, five were heterozygous. No H63D mutation was found in 174(More)
Total body iron stores including liver and spleen iron were assessed by non-invasive SQUID biomagnetometry. The liver iron concentration was measured in groups of patients with beta-thalassaemia major or other posttransfusional siderosis under treatment with the oral iron chelator deferiprone (n = 19) and/or with parenteral deferoxamine (n = 33). An(More)
In a group of male distance runners, 23 out of 45 athletes showed decreased serum ferritin values (< 35 micrograms). The high prevalence of a typical iron deficiency in runners was confirmed in a subgroup of eight athletes in which the iron metabolism was studied in detail using radio-iron labelling and liver iron quantification. Most of these athletes(More)
Small amounts of milk do inhibit ferrous iron absorption from a 5 mg 59Fe2+ dose in 1- to 18-month-old infants. Only 50 ml of 2/3 cow milk reduced the absorption from 18±3% (Xa ± S.E.) to 3.8 ± 1.2% in infants with normal iron stores (inhibition index 0.21) and from 26±3% to 8.5±1.4% in infants with depleted iron stores (inhibition index 0.33%). Milk does(More)
To investigate the applicability of noninvasive Superconducting Quantum Interference Device (SQUID) biomagnetic liver susceptometry and its limitations in thalassemic children, 23 patients with beta-thalassemia major and other iron loading anemias (age: 4-16 years) and 16 age-related normal children were studied. Liver iron concentrations ranged from 600 to(More)
The bioavailability of205Bi from various205Bilabelled pharmaceutical oral bismuth preparations was studied in rats. The intestinal absorption, calculated from205Bi whole body retention and accumulated205Bi urinary excretion, was small in general, but significantly higher (0.26–0.33% of dose) from oral bismuth citrates (basic bismuth citrate, colloidal(More)
Das immunoreaktive Serum Trypsin wurde mit einem Doppelantikörper-Radioimmunoassay bei Normalpersonen und Patienten mit verschiedenen Pankreaserkrankungen gemessen. Der Normalbereich liegt zwischen 115 und 350 ng/ml mit einem geometrischen Mittel von 212 ng/ml. Nach totaler Duodenopankreatektomie sowie bei 75% der Patienten mit zystischer Fibrose ließ sich(More)
Die durch regelmäßige selbstbeigebrachte Aderlässe (Autophlebotomien) erzeugte artefizielle Anämie ist eine sehr selten vorkommende Ursache der chronisch hämorrhagischen Eisenmangelanämie. Innerhalb eines Jahres konnten wir bei zwei aus Süddeutschland kommenden Patienten mit artefizieller Anämie durch Gesamtkörperretentionsmessungen des in das Hämoglobin(More)
Intestinal iron absorption studies, which include investigation of iron deficiency, increased erythropoiesis, low iron diet and acute bleeding, have been done, but none have reported the regulation of the balance of an iron-replete individual. We bled rats at regular time intervals, such that the experimentally induced iron losses were compensated by iron(More)