Erich Dondyk

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—Evil Twin Attack (ETA) refers to a rogue Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) that appears to be a legitimate one but actually has been set up to eavesdrop on wireless communications [1]. Most of existing detection techniques assume that the attacker will use the same legitimate wireless network gateway to pass through victim's wireless data. These detection methods(More)
—Despite of all the advances in smartphone technology in recent years, smartphones still remain limited by their battery life. Unlike other power hungry components in a smartphone, the cellular data and Wi-Fi interfaces often continue to be used even when the phone is in its idle state in order to accommodate background (necessary or unnecessary) data(More)
—On a search engine result page, if a user clicks on any one of those contained URL links, whether it is a search result website (called organic link), or a search related advertisement link (called sponsored link), the user's click action will be tracked by returning back to the search engine first and then redirecting to the corresponding target website.(More)
In this paper, we consider a novel denial of service attack targeted at popular smartphone operating systems. This type of attack, which we call a Denial of Convenience (DoC) attack, prevents non-technical savvy victims from utilizing data services by exploiting the connectivity management protocol of smartphones' operating systems when encountered with a(More)
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