Erich C Strauss

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PURPOSE Squamous metaplasia occurs in ocular surface diseases like Sjögren's syndrome (SS). It is a phenotypic change whereby epithelial cells initiate synthesis of squamous cell-specific proteins such as small proline-rich protein 1B (SPRR1B) that result in pathologic keratin formation on the ocular surface. The authors hypothesized that inflammation is a(More)
The T cell antigen receptor consists of two chains, denoted a and (3, each of which is composed of a variable (V) region and a constant (C) region (reviewed in 1 and 2). The 0 chain consists of a V region of ^-120 amino acids and a C region of ^-170 amino acids (3, 4). The V, 3 region is encoded by three gene segments, V, 3, Do, and Jo, that are joined(More)
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