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1Mitchell T Rabkin
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  • Erich Bloch, Frank Press, Jack Breese, Mitchell T Rabkin, Frank Purnell Choppin, Jordan J Rhodes +9 others
  • 2010
The Washington Advisory Group an LECG company The Washington Advisory Group, founded in 1996, serves the science and technology advisory and institutional needs of U.S. and foreign companies, universities, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and other interested and affected parties. The Washington Advisory Group provides authoritative advisory(More)
  • M E E T I N G T H E C H A L L E N G E S O F A G L O B A L E C O N O M Y, Ralph J Cicerone, Wm A, James J Duderstadt, Erich Bloch, Washington Advisory +28 others
  • 2005
NOTICE: To arrive at the findings and recommendations of this report, the National Academy of Engineering has used a process that involves careful selection of a balanced and knowledgeable committee, assembly of relevant information, and peer review of the resultant report. Over time, this process has been proven to produce authoritative and balanced(More)
Strictly speaking, the term “Very Large Scale Integration” refers to the number of gates or elementary cells which can be reliably fabricated on a single integrated circuit chip. The current state of the art yields memory chips having 16K elements and random logic (microprocessor) chips having 5K gates. The near future should see 64K bit memory(More)
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