Erica Telles Carlos

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One hundred seven domestic cats from The Philippines were serologically tested to establish the prevalence of Bartonella infection. A subset of 31 of these cats also had whole blood collected to tentatively isolate Bartonella strains. Bartonella henselae and B. clarridgeiae were isolated from 19 (61%) of these cats. Bartonella henselae type I was isolated(More)
We compared the benefits and costs of eliminating animal and human rabies in the Philippines. If rabies had been eliminated in 1988, economic benefits would total P52.8 (US$2.5) million in 1989. These benefits would largely arise from the abolition of expenses associated with rabies prevention: P29.7 (US$1.4) million for animal vaccination, P21.6 (US$1.0)(More)
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