Erica R Carlin

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UNLABELLED Self-criticism plays a key role in many psychological disorders and predicts poor outcome in psychotherapy. Yet, psychotherapy research directly targeting self-critical processes is limited. In this pilot study, we examined the efficacy of an emotion-focused intervention, the two-chair dialogue task, on self-criticism, self-compassion and the(More)
BACKGROUND In August 1992 the medical director of the 19 Group Health medical clinics (now part of HealthPartners) in Minnesota chartered a continuous quality improvement (CQI) team to improve the pediatric (two-year-old) immunization rates. THE TEAM'S WORK: The team created a process flow for the current immunization process, collected data on the process,(More)
This report examines the protective role of motherhood against suicidal ideation among low-income African American women with a history of suicide attempts. Findings from previous studies examining the relations between family factors and suicide risks are inconsistent in this population, indicating that family could both exacerbate and reduce risks.(More)
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