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OBJECTIVE Low-level postnatal lead exposure is associated with poor intellectual development in children, although effects of prenatal exposure are less well studied. We hypothesized that prenatal lead exposure would have a more powerful and lasting impact on child development than postnatal exposure. DESIGN We used generalized linear mixed models with(More)
We determined the secular trend in blood lead levels in a cohort of 321 children born in Mexico City between 1987 and 1992. Blood lead level was measured every 6 months during a 10-year period. We modeled the effect of yearly air lead concentration nested within the calendar year in which the child was born, family use of lead-glazed pottery, socioeconomic(More)
  • Y. J. Alvarado, P. H. Labarca, N. Cubillán, E. Osorio
  • 2003
In this study, the static and dynamic electronic polarizability of benzonitrile is reported. This property was determined using refraction index measurements of neat benzonitrile and CCl4, THF, C6H12 and CH3CN diluted solutions. The real refractive index of pure benzonitrile was obtained by refractometry, FTIR transmission spectroscopy and Kramers-Krönig(More)
Objective: This study evaluated the microleakage and interfacial micromorphology of Class V cervical amalgam restorations lined with OptiBond, AElitebond, or Panavia 21. Methods: Unlined amalgams served as control. Cavities were treated with each dentin bonding system according to the manufacturers' instructions and restored with Tytin non-gamma 2 spherical(More)
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