Erica M Christensen

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The surface material at the Surveyor 5 site is granular and slightly cohesive. Spacecraft footpads plowed trenches in this material as the spacecraft slid during landing. For a compressible soil model, a static bearing capacity of 2.7 newtons/cm •' gave best agreement with the observations. Static firing of the vernier engines against the surface moved(More)
Desert ecosystems have long served as model systems in the study of ecological concepts (e.g., competition, resource pulses, top-down/bottom-up dynamics). However, the inherent variability of resource availability in deserts, and hence consumer dynamics, can also make them challenging ecosystems to understand. Study of a Chihuahuan desert ecosystem near(More)
The mechanical properties of the lunar soil at the Surveyor V landing site seem to be generally consistent with values determined for soils at the landing sites of Surveyor I and III. These three maria sites are hundreds of kilometers apart. However, the static bearing capability may be somewhat lower than that at the previous landing sites (2 x 10(5) to 6(More)
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