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ISSUE ADDRESSED To identify a model for a process that will support schools to implement environmental modifications in playgrounds aimed at increasing physical activity. METHODS Kidsafe NSW (Playground Advisory Unit) was commissioned by the former Illawarra Health Promotion Unit (IHPU) to develop playground concept designs, safety audits and detailed(More)
ISSUE ADDRESSED This article describes a prospective health impact assessment (HIA) on a local government environmental management plan, the Shellharbour Foreshore Management Plan (SFM Plan). The health outcomes of interest were physical activity and social cohesion. METHODS The procedures undertaken include: screening; scoping; assessment of potential(More)
In the developing brain, self-renewing neural stem/progenitor cells (NSPC) give rise to neuronal and glial lineages. NSPC survival and differentiation can be altered by neurotropic viruses and by the anti-viral immune response. Several neurotropic viruses specifically target and infect NSPCs, in addition to inducing neuronal loss, which makes it difficult(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the main differences between conducting a rapid health impact assessment (HIA) and an intermediate HIA on foreshore development plans and their feasibility from a health service perspective. METHODS A rapid HIA and an intermediate HIA were undertaken on two foreshore development plans. RESULTS The main differences between the two(More)
Directional radiance factors and polarization are presented for pure silicon carbide powder with an average albedo of 0.15 over a size range from 8 micro to 86 micro, pure aluminum oxide powder with average albedo about 0.85 over a size range from 0.1 micro to 86 micro, and for a mixture of one part silicon carbide to six parts aluminum oxide with average(More)
Purpose: The aims of this study were to describe the most common medications reported by candidates for weight loss surgery and to consider the potential implications for patient care. Methods: A secondary data analysis of data from bariatric surgery patients enrolled in a randomized, controlled trial. At study entry, participants recorded their use of(More)