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1 Site index equations and mean annual increment equations used by the Forest The Forest Inventory and Analysis Program (FIA), a program within the Pacific Northwest Research Station (PNW), USDA Forest Service, is mandated to inventory, assess, and report on several forest characteristics, traditionally timberland area and volume, on all forested lands in(More)
Smart Cities are proliferating around the world, including in the Southeast Asia region. While many developed countries have started defining their Smart Cities, most Southeast Asian countries are still exploring their own ideal Smart Cities. Consisting of mostly developing countries, the Southeast Asian countries have a need to learn from their own(More)
This study first examined the resources available to assess cultural competency in organizations that provide non-medical social services. Next, an Organizational Self-Assessment instrument was developed to measure employee perceptions regarding the organization's cultural competency at West CAP. West CAP is one of 16 Community Action Agencies in Wisconsin,(More)
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