Erica H. Henry

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Lack of basic biological information is a key limiting factor in conservation of at-risk butterflies. In the Puget prairies of Washington State little is known about the habitat requirements of mardon skipper (Polites mardon, federal candidate, WA endangered). We investigated oviposition site selection and used our results to assess oviposition habitat(More)
Established butterfly monitoring methods are designed for open habitats such as grasslands. Not all rare species occupy habitats that are easy to see across and navigate, in which cases a new approach to monitoring is necessary. We present a novel use of point transect distance sampling to monitor the Miami blue, a highly endangered butterfly that occupies(More)
Cherubism is a benign, hereditary, autosomal dominant disease, with variable penetrance and expressivity. It presents as a characteristic indolent deformity of the lower half of the face, associated with multicystic bone tumors. The definitive diagnosis is established by pathology. Radiology contributes greatly to its diagnosis (CT or MRI scan), and(More)
The annual dues of active members of the American Association for Cancer Research are $100.00 and they include a subscription to the journal Cancer Research The regular subscription price oÃ-Cancer Research for members of the Association is $65.00 per annual volume. Corresponding members of the Association should add $60.00 to this rate to offset postage(More)