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Two experiments were conducted to compare the effects of fornix/fimbria and caudate-putamen lesions in Long-Evans hooded rats (Rattus norvegicus) trained on two water maze tasks that differed in the type of spatial localization required for optimum solution. In Experiment 1, the lesioned rats and surgical controls were trained on the standard place task in(More)
It is thought that circadian rhythms may influence learning and memory processes. However, research supporting this view does not dissociate a mnemonic impairment from other performance deficits. Furthermore, published reports do not specify the type of memory system influenced by the circadian system. The present study assessed the effects of phase(More)
Keywords: Development gradient Exurban development Landscape permeability Multiple-season occupancy Remotely-triggered camera Mammals a b s t r a c t Exurban development, defined as residential development outside of cities and towns, occupies nearly five times more land in the United States than urban and suburban development combined. Understanding the(More)
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