Erica Ferreira

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Automated test case generation from behavioral models like finite state machines (FSMs) and statecharts has long been studied. Environments that enable a test designer to model a real complex software and to obtain test cases to validate such a software are mandatory in an automated test approach. This paper presents an environment, GTSC, which enables test(More)
This paper presents a framework entitled Organizational Testing Management Maturity Model (OTM3). The proposed framework is a set of structures to support the development and testing of Software Product Lines. This set follows the Experimental Software Engineering concepts. OTM3 is a framework for interactive, incremental, and continuous models. It shall(More)
Giant intra and parasellar aneurysm with a spontaneous thrombosis of internal carotid artery is rare. We report the case of a 34 years old woman presenting a unique giant sellar and parasellar aneurysm associated with hypopituitarism and amenorrhea-galactorrhea syndrome. Computed tomographic scans and magnetic resonance images were suggestive of a sellar(More)
Several papers have addressed the problem of knowing which software test criteria are better than others with respect to parameters such as cost, efficiency and strength. This paper presents an empirical evaluation in terms of cost and efficiency for one test method for finite state machines, switch cover, and two test criteria of the statechart coverage(More)
BACKGROUND Acute pancreatitis has a broad clinical spectrum, from mild illness to multiple organ failure and death. Prognostic scores have been developed or adapted to predict disease severity. This study aimed to compare the prognostic scores according to sensitivity and specificity, receiver operating characteristic curves and area under the curve.(More)
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