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Moral Foundations Theory (MFT) is a novel psychological framework that advances a pluralist view of morality, expanding it beyond commonly-discussed themes of preventing harms and injustices to individuals. According to MFT societies construct moral virtues, norms, and meanings based upon multiple psychological systems (moral foundations): Care/harm,(More)
A Partial Bibliography N ote: The following compilation includes peer-reviewed academic articles published since 2009. Authored by UC ANR academics, they address one or more of the three priorities of the HFC Strategic Initiative: healthy living for obesity prevention, youth science literacy, and positive youth development. The list is just a starting(More)
UNLABELLED Political psychology is a dynamic field of research that offers a unique blend of approaches and methods in the social and cognitive sciences. Political psychologists explore the interactions between macrolevel political structures and microlevel factors such as decision-making processes, motivations, and perceptions. In this article, we provide(More)
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