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Land use has generally been considered a local environmental issue, but it is becoming a force of global importance. Worldwide changes to forests, farmlands, waterways, and air are being driven by the need to provide food, fiber, water, and shelter to more than six billion people. Global croplands, pastures, plantations, and urban areas have expanded in(More)
The Amazon Basin is one of the world's most important bioregions, harboring a rich array of plant and animal species and offering a wealth of goods and services to society. For years, ecological science has shown how large scale forest clearings cause declines in biodiversity and the availability of forest products. Yet some important changes in the(More)
Here we show that the VirD2 protein of A. tumefaciens functions as a nuclear localizing protein in plant cells. The nuclear localization signal of VirD2 consists of two regions containing 4-5 basic amino acids (KRPR and RKRER), located within the C-terminal 34 amino acids. These regions conform to the KR/KXR/K motif required for numerous nuclear localized(More)
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