Erica A Brotschi

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BACKGROUND We investigated whether online spaced education could prospectively improve students' acquisition and retention of knowledge. METHODS One hundred fifteen third-year medical students at 2 schools were randomized to receive weekly/biweekly spaced education e-mails on 2 of 4 urology topics: prostate cancer (PC) and prostate-specific antigen (PSA)(More)
Actin-binding protein (ABP) and myosin are proteins that influence the rigidity and movement, respectively, of actin filaments in vitro. We examined the distribution of ABP and myosin molecules in acetone-fixed rabbit lung macrophages by means of immunofluorescence. The staining for both of these proteins in unspread cells was quite uniform, but was reduced(More)
This study examines the effects of dietary cholesterol and subcutaneous indomethacin on gallstone formation, gallbladder motility, and bile composition in guinea pigs. Guinea pigs on cholesterol diets developed gallstones which were not primarily composed of cholesterol and were not prevented by indomethacin. Animals receiving cholesterol diets showed(More)
Female Hartley guinea pigs fed a 0.5% cholesterol-supplemented diet were found to form pigmented gallstones after 6 weeks (17/23) and 12 weeks (11/11), while only 2 of 44 animals fed a trace cholesterol diet formed gallstones over a comparable period. The light brown stones consisted primarily of aggregates of fine granular crystals, morphologically similar(More)
Perineal herniation of pelvic organs rarely occurs after abdominoperineal resection of the rectum, but it does present a difficult surgical dilemma. The case of a patient with perineal herniation of the small bowel and urinary bladder into a proctectomy wound has been described. This was repaired using a transabdominal pelvic sling with Marlex followed by(More)
Importance Surgeons are frequently faced with clinical adverse events owing to the nature of their specialty, yet not all surgeons disclose these events to patients. To sustain open disclosure programs, it is essential to understand how surgeons are disclosing adverse events, factors that are associated with reporting such events, and the effect of(More)
Increases in intracellular calcium ion mediate smooth muscle contraction, but the requirement for extracellular calcium availability during this process is unclear. We studied the intact guinea pig gallbladder in an organ bath to define the effect of low bath calcium on contractile responses to varying doses of cholecystokinin-octapeptide, histamine, and(More)
Acetylcholine may be released from gallbladder intrinsic nerves in response to cholecystokinin stimulation. This study characterized metabolites of [14C]choline produced in the gallbladder and released during incubation, with or without cholecystokinin-octapeptide. Radiolabeled [14C]choline was applied to the mucosal or muscle surface of intact guinea pig(More)