Eric Zhang

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—A 14.025 Gb/s multi-media transceiver employs on-die Rx AC coupling with baseline wander correction and equalizes up to 26 dB insertion loss at 14.025 Gb/s with a linear equalizer, 10-tap DFE, and 4-tap Tx FIR filter in SST driver. The proposed techniques enable direct feedback for 1st-tap ISI cancellation , and positions of four DFE taps to be adapted(More)
—Multiple accesses are common for most mobile devices today. This technological advance opens up a new design space for improving the communication performance of mobile devices. Multipath TCP is a TCP extension that enables using multiple network paths between two end systems for a single TCP connection, increasing performance and reliability. Meanwhile,(More)
In this paper we present ray tracing and photon mapping methods to model light refraction, caustics, and multi colored light dispersion. We cover the solution to multiple common implementation difficulties, and mention ways to extend implementations in the future. 2. Introduction Refraction is when light rays bend at the boundaries of two different mediums.(More)
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