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Wireless communication now has the speed and power to converge seamlessly with other consumer and business electronics. However, battery technology has not kept pace with advancement in circuit technology. As a result, design of power management is becoming a more complex problem for this new generation of wireless devices with converged voice, data, and(More)
BiCMOS LNA and mixer designed for cellular CDMA/AMPS applications are described. The circuits exhibit very high linearity thanks to low-impedance low-frequency input terminations. The LNA achieves +12.2 dBm IIP3, 16.3 dB gain and 1.5 dB NF with 7.7 mA current in the high-gain high-linearity mode. The mixer achieves +14.7 dBm IIP3, 10.9 dB conversion power(More)
This paper describes the implementation in CMOS technology of a circuit which performs analog wavelet decompositions of a one-dimensional (e.g., sound) input. The circuit is based on the Analog VLSI techniques described by Carver Mead in Analog VLSI and Neural Systems [1]. The analog wavelet outputs are the output of a logarithmically scaled set of bandpass(More)
A single chip, base-band to RF, BiCMOS transmitter RFIC (RFT3100) for dual-band CDMA/AMPS wireless handsets is presented. The RFIC contains base-band I/Q modulator, UHF VCO buffer, IF PLL, VCO, IF and RF VGAs, image rejection RF upconverter, dual driver amplifiers for cellular and PCS bands, and a three wire serial interface to control the chip. The chip(More)
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