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The database of molecular motions, MolMovDB (http://molmovdb.org), has been in existence for the past decade. It classifies macromolecular motions and provides tools to interpolate between two conformations (the Morph Server) and predict possible motions in a single structure. In 2005, we expanded the services offered on MolMovDB. In particular, we further(More)
The expression and characteristics of beta-adrenoceptor subtypes (beta1 and beta2) and their agonist actions on synaptic transmission in the basolateral amygdala (BLA) of the rat were examined using in situ hybridization, quantitative real-time PCR, Western blot analysis and field potential recording. In situ hybridization data revealed an intense(More)
OBJECTIVE This study objectively characterized the microenvironment of indolent, chronic wounds by developing a method by which minute quantities of cytokines could be extracted from chronic wounds and separately identified. SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA Recombinant DNA technology and the ability to clone compounds such as cytokines allow new management schemes(More)
MOTIVATION In many proteins, helix-helix interactions can be critical to establishing protein conformation (folding) and dynamics, as well as determining associations between protein units. However, the determination of a set of rules that guide helix-helix interaction has been elusive. In order to gain further insight into the helix-helix interface, we(More)
BACKGROUND Techniques for measuring protein abundance are rapidly advancing and we are now in a situation where we anticipate many protein abundance data sets will be available in the near future. Since proteins are translated from mRNAs, their expression is expected to be related to their abundance, to some degree. RESULTS We have developed a web tool,(More)
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