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The Medical Readiness Trainer (MRT) constitutes a medical education environment, in which, the integration of fully immersive Virtual Reality with highly advanced medical simulation technologies and medical databases exposes the trainee to the vast range of complex medical situations. MRT allows the simultaneous interaction of medically appropriate context,(More)
Effects of modifying the palm adapter geometry on ISO 10819 antivibration glove test results were investigated. 30 rigid acrylic adapters were designed, fabricated, and evaluated. The length of the adapters that met ISO 10819 requirements covered 70-80% of the width of the palm. The upper curvatures of the adaptors were greater than or equal to the radius(More)
Chitosan is known for its hemostatic and antimicrobial properties and might be useful for temporary coating of removable dentures or intraoral splints to control bleeding after oral surgery or as a supportive treatment in denture stomatitis. This study investigated a new method to adhere chitosan to polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) and polyethylene(More)
The performance of analog and RF circuitry is increasingly sensitive to deep sub-micron manufacturing. Standard devices that are well characterized and modeled are essential to realize stable, working designs without silicon iterations. Potential tradeoffs of device performance for lower processing cost must also be carefully assessed. A methodology and(More)
I was asked by Professor David Faure, the organizer of a panel on the historical anthropology of Chinese society at the AAS-in-Asia conference held in Singapore (July 17–19, 2014), to briefly provide a framework for the papers. This brief essay organizes and summarizes the analytical themes about which a group of us who work on Chinese history and culture(More)
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