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A statistical representation of three-dimensional shapes is introduced, based on a novel four-dimensional feature. The feature parameterizes the intrinsic geometrical relation of an oriented surface-point pair. The set of all such features represents both local and global characteristics of the surface. We compress this set into a histogram. A database of(More)
This paper presents the DLR Laser Stripe Profiler as a component of the DLR multisensory Hand-Guided Device for 3D modeling. After modeling the reconstruction process, we propose a novel method for laser plane self-calibration based on the assessment of the deformations the miscalibration leads to. In addition, the requirement for absence of optical(More)
Advanced driver assistance using cameras is a first important step towards autonomous driving tasks. However, the computational power in automobiles is highly limited and hardware platforms with enormous processing resources such as GPUs are not available in serial production vehicles. In our paper we address the need for a highly efficient fusion method(More)
In order to improve the performance of correlation-based disparity computation of stereo vision algorithms, standard methods need to choose in advance the value of the maximum disparity (MD). This value corresponds to the maximum displacement of the projection of a physical point expected between the two images. It generally depends on the motion model, the(More)
A histogram-based method for the interpretation of three-dimensional (3D) point clouds is introduced, where point clouds represent the surface of a scene of multiple objects and background. The proposed approach relies on a pose-invariant object representation that describes the distribution of surface point-pair relations as a model histogram. The models(More)
In this paper we address the problem of dense stereo matching and computation of optical flow. We propose a generalized dense correspondence computation algorithm, so that stereo matching and optical flow can be performed robustly and efficiently at the same time. We particularly target automotive applications and tested our method on real sequences from(More)
The paper addresses the region search problem in three-dimensional (3D) space. The data used is a dynamically growing point cloud as it is typically gathered with a 3D-sensing device like a laser range-scanner. An encoding of space in combination with a new region search algorithm is introduced. The algorithm allows for fast access to spherical subsets of(More)
In vehicular applications based on motion-stereo using monocular side-looking cameras, pairs of images must usually be rectified very well, to allow the application of dense stereo methods. But also long-term installations of stereo rigs in vehicles require approaches that cope with the decalibration of the cameras. The need for such methods is further(More)
Research carried out in the Ebrié Lagoon (Ivory Coast) led to the isolation of Protomicrocotyle mirabilis (Mac Callum, 1918) Johnston et Tiegs, 1922 from the gills of Caranx hippos, and a new description of this parasite is given. Another parasite, which we have named P. ivoriensis n. sp., has been isolated from the same Carangid. The vaginal structure, in(More)
The ability of generating and interpreting a three-dimensional representation of the environment in real-time is one of the key technologies for autonomous vehicles. While active sensors like ultrasounds have been commercially used, their cost and precision is not favorable. On the other hand, integrating passive sensors, like video cameras, in modern(More)