Eric Wagner

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One specialization of vertebrate presynaptic neuronal membranes is their multifold enrichment in complex gangliosides, suggesting that these sialoglycolipids may play a major functional role in synaptic transmission. We tested this hypothesis directly by studying neuromuscular synapses of mice lacking complex gangliosides attributable to deletion of the(More)
Many applications such as project scheduling, workkow modeling, or business process re-engineering incorporate the common idea that a product, task, or service consisting of interdependent time{related activities should be produced or performed within given time limits. In real{life applications, certain measures like the use of additional manpower , the(More)
2 Abstract In this article, we explore the possibility of using animated characters as personal social companions for supporting interventions for promoting health behaviors. We explore how supportive feedback could be provided to users of such artificial companion systems, by coupling both personalized intervention content from a mental health perspective(More)
We studied complement 1 inhibitor (C1-INH) as an inhibitor of the alternative complement pathway. C1-INH prevented lysis, induced by the alternative complement pathway, of paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH) erythrocytes in human serum. It inhibited the binding of both factors B and C3 to PNH and rabbit erythrocytes and blocked the ability of factor B(More)
BACKGROUND It is an unresolved issue why some kidney transplant recipients with pretransplant donor-specific HLA antibodies (DSA) show a high transplant failure rate, whereas in other patients DSA do not harm the graft. We investigated whether help from preactivated T-cells might be necessary for DSA to exert a deleterious effect. METHODS The impact of(More)
BACKGROUND Angioedema (AE) is idiopathic in the majority of cases. We studied patients with AE for genetic variants of proteins involved with bradykinin generation and biodisposition. METHODS One hundred sixty one patients with AE were recruited at a university hospital clinic. Patients were categorized according to the proposed pathogenesis of AE: low C1(More)
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